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Property Search and Acquisition

It’s a personalized buyer’s agent service that consists in assisting overseas buyers with:

  • Sourcing
  • Tour scheduling
  • Showings
  • Contract negotiation
  • Closing

It is designed especially for discerning international clients, who:

  • Have little time for property hunting in France
  • Need a trustworthy, reliable and efficient buying agent on the ground to set up a decisive viewing tour of on-target top-properties
  • Prefer having a single point of contact during the crucial steps of the buying process
  • Want a licensed real estate professional on their side to protect their interests in France
  • Require privacy and confidentiality

This service is perfectly adapted to the needs of private individuals/families that are either first-time or repeat buyers. Nonetheless, on specific projects, this service can be an interesting solution for family offices, corporate clients or property investors/developers too.

The properties that are purchased by international buyers usually serve one of the following purposes:

  • primary residence
  • second home
  • pied-à-terre
  • rental investment
  • income-generating asset
  • fixer-upper (i.e., needing repairs before flipping)

I cover the prime areas (Paris, Cote d’Azur, the Alps…) in France and am specialized in high-end (over 4 M€) and exceptional (over 20 M€) residential properties.

Properties I know best are:

  • Townhouses, apartments and penthouses
  • Villas (e.g., waterfront)
  • Castles
  • Equestrian properties
  • Wine/olive oil-producing estates

My search and acquisition fees are borne by the buyer and payable on the day of completion. They come at no extra cost to the buyer. Reduced fees apply for clients who only want help to find the right property OR who only want help to acquire a property they have already found themselves.

My business is insured and trading under strict French real estate laws. Local agreement (“Mandat de recherche”, in French) is governed by French law.

Your wants and needs


You want to view only first-rate properties that tick all your boxes without having to knock on the door of every listings agency. An independent buyer's agent with a 360-degree view of the market saves you time.


When you fly over to France, you want to view only suitable properties in the most time-efficient manner. Your French agent will schedule and make viewing arrangements with each listing agent.

Professional Team

You want to close quickly and efficiently and need a team of quality service providers (lawyers, estate planners, tax advisors, private banks) able to guarantee that. I can recommend a few good ones.

Due Diligence

Once the dream property is found, you want to ask the right questions and obtain useful information/advice. A licensed buying agent on your side guides you and conducts a thorough analysis.

Terms & Conditions

You want to buy the property at the best possible price in a minimum amount of time and hassle. Your buying agent advises you on the property's fair market value and makes recommendations on how to negotiate.


You want the legal buying process to go smoothly and efficiently while you are abroad. Your local buying agent liaises with all parties involved and handles the acquisition process right through to completion.

Why me?

On Buyers' Side

There are between 25,000 and 38,000 real estate agencies in France. 99.9% are traditional estate agencies working on behalf of sellers. I WORK EXCLUSIVELY ON THE BUYER'S SIDE and protect my clients’ best interests during the search and buying process through to completion.

Market Knowledge

There's no Multiple Listing Service. So, information over properties for sale is fragmented and each agency offers only a part of all available properties. I KNOW ALL THE LISTINGS and more. That saves my clients a great amount of time, money and frustration when it comes to viewing properties in France.

Off-Market Gems

A few very special properties are sold privately. My network of trusted and reputable contacts (estate agents, property developers, private individuals) help me INTRODUCE OFF-MARKET PROPERTIES to clients who are serious buyers and ready to move quickly and efficiently.

Fully Committed

My personal commitment to my clients is unquestionable as I take on no more than two clients at a time, allowing me to WORK ON AN EXCLUSIVE BASIS. To provide the level of service clients desire, I commit a great amount of time, expense and effort. I live and breathe their search and acquisition 24/7.